My November update as Drupal Association director

As at large community elected director for the Drupal Association, I want to make an effort to communicate as openly as I possibly can, even if there's not much to update. In these past few weeks since my last update about the onboarding process, there hasn't been much going on in what the Drupal Association Board concerns, but I think it is still useful for me to keep the lines open.

The first matter that is occupying most time for many people is the final steps for the DrupalCon Europe organisation which in the current climate, it's being a hard challenge. If you haven't registered yet, you're still on time, there are day passes if you can't attend the whole thing. The event starts on Tuesday 8th and finishes on the 11th.

What has happened on the past few weeks.

I was ratified by the board on November 1st. This means that there is a new board with directors coming in (like myself) and others leaving their seats. If you're curious to see who's in the board for the upcoming year, you can check this page.

In case you're curious, the tools that seem to have more activity are a Slack channel, which is under the Drupal Association account (it's not the regular Drupal one) and a Google drive folder with meeting minutes and other official documentation.

The first meeting will happen on December 15th at my lunchtime and I'm very excited to meet everyone and get officially introduced to the rest of the board. I don't think I've received a board package yet, so I will be looking forward to review it as soon as I get it. I will post an update in this blog after this first board meeting.

There are committees in place to deal with more specific initiatives but I haven't been introduced to them so I haven't had the chance to get on-hands yet. I would really like to get involved with the Community & Governance Committee.

I am now actively reaching out to different board members and Heather (Executive Director for the Drupal Association) to get as many information and points of view regarding the voting rights removal decision – which was the center of my campaign – but it is still too soon to make any public statement on my side. I ask for a little patience while I can produce something a bit more elaborate and useful for the community. I've already requested for this subject to be included in February's 2021 board meeting as it seems too late to include it in December's but I will raise the topic if I'm given the chance next December 15th, in case there's a space open for questions and comments.

More from the Drupal Association

Worth noting that for the last video – the “Ask Me Anything” session at DrupalJam – I was not invited to the panel even though there's a question regarding the voting rights around minute 38. I am assuming that given this was done on November 4th, there might not have been time for this, but it definitely surprises me that there was no conversation with me whatsoever.

Anything you want to ask me or if you want to share concerns and comments, please do get in touch with me.

Note: This blog has the comments disabled, please feel free to send me a message through my contact page if you need to discuss anything related to the community and the Drupal Association. You can also tweet at me or find me in Drupal Slack or the distributed matrix network as pcambra.