My official resignation for the DA board

Dear Drupal community:

I'm sad to announce my resignation from the Drupal Association board. I was elected by the Drupal Association members back in 2020 with a single task in my program: try to revert what I considered an unjust and unjustified decision to restrict the vote to only Drupal Association members.

When I say I considered the disenfranchisement of community voters both unjust and unjustified, doesn't mean that I don't feel this way anymore. I can now say I was not presented with any document or record that would justify such a change, specially with the voters going down from 1050 in 2019, 920 in 2020 and 540 in 2021. I've tried to get the meeting minutes for all meeting published and I've requested so in almost every opportunity I've had, but no updates have been made (besides removing the link of the minutes from the pages it had it). Minutes are still accessible but last update is almost 2 years old.

I've tried my best to find or create a space that would be suitable for the board to reconsider the broader community participation on the elections, but also the community to participate in this decision, and the best option that I considered I could pass a vote for was the request for volunteers issue.

Unfortunately, I have not been able to keep the community engaged in a way that encourage enough people to volunteer for this task force. I wish I had done things differently and try to find a better way, specially in a more timely manner.

I don't consider myself the right person to lead this effort anymore, and I hope someone else takes the lead on reviewing the election eligibility. As the resolution has being approved, there should still be ways to make this work.

I will take the opportunity to thank everyone that has supported me over these year and a half. Personally, I am planning to take a break from the community for a while, as I feel quite burned down after this experience.

Note: This blog has the comments disabled, please feel free to send me a message through my contact page if you need to discuss anything related to the community and the Drupal Association. You can also tweet at me or find me in Drupal Slack or the distributed matrix network as pcambra.