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This is a template you can use to get a Drupal Association membership with the intention of voting in the upcoming election. You have until September 14th to do so and you can send it through the Contact page

Dear Drupal Association.

I participate in the common good that is the Drupal project. I participate in and care about DrupalCon. I understand that the Drupal Association (DrupalCon Inc.) is a 503©(3) promoting the Drupal project as the common good. The association also manages these shared spaces (and others like overseeing the Community Working Group), which are not optional for participation in the Drupal project.

I understand that I need to have the individual membership badge ( in my profile to vote in the upcoming election, and I believe I should be allowed to vote. I acknowledge the effort in making this an easy process for the community.

I hereby express my vested interest in participating in the democratic process, described in the association's bylaws, to elect the at-large director seat for the association's board.

I will be grateful to be registered to vote. My intention is not a free membership but the ability to express my opinion in this election. If the only way to vote is to have such membership, I would appreciate to be granted one.


Note: The comments of this blog are closed on purpose, if you want to discuss anything regarding this post or my candidacy, you've got three options – In the open: my candidacy page has the comments open for anyone with questions or comments – Via Twitter: @pcambra – Privately through my contact page.

Thanks to Mateu for the original text

I am running for the Drupal Association board, please find my candidacy on

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