Update on elections for the Drupal Association board

A new term for the Drupal Association board has started on November 1st and we just held our first meeting on December 7th after ratifying the new members. You can check the directors for this term here.

I’d like to congratulate once more Mike Herchel for winning the 2021 elections and gaining a 2-term seat as a community/at large representative. This means that the term for Leslie Glynn has ended, and she’s joined the board alumni list, many thanks for all your work with the community, Leslie!

Among the first things that the board needs to do is form the committees for this 2021-2022 term, and I’m very excited I will be acting as the community committee head this term. As soon as all is set up and we agree on the list of things we want to accomplish (hopefully January), I will update a new blog about it.

I was able to pass a motion in our last board meeting regarding revisiting the election process for the at large directors, I am happy the board reached a compromise and a new task force will be created. This task force will be engaging with the community in open conversations to come up with a recommendation on how the elections should look like moving forward.

We will be posting an announcement soon so community members that are interested in being part of this group can nominate themselves. One of the concerns shared on the board is that this task force needs to be diverse enough to have all the voices represented and bias is reduced to a minimum, and I wholeheartedly agree with this statement.

Once the task force comes up with a recommendation, this will be voted in the board and whatever result applied for the next election process, providing the Drupal Association has enough engineering resources to allocate on this.

I am pasting below the contents of the charter for the new task force that was approved on the board meeting:


The Community Elections Task Force is an advisory committee reporting to the Drupal Association Community committee.


  • Open discussions with the community at-large, using the means available such as social networks, groups.drupal.org, Drupal community channels, Drupal events and user groups, etc.
  • Consult with other open source projects that have similar needs in terms of elected members of the community in their associations/foundations.
  • Report periodically to the Community Committee with the progress.

End goal of the working group

Produce a recommendation that will be reviewed by the Drupal Association Board in a timely manner to apply for 2022 elections.


The Committee shall be composed of at least three, but not more than six members with voting rights.

These members are self nominating and designated by the Community committee. The Community Elections Task Force shall consult with Drupal community members at their discretion and criteria regarding diversity will be applied.


The committee meets virtually with the frequency needed to accomplish its task.

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